From superstar Tommy Lee Edwards (Marvel 1985, Jupiter’s Legacy, Mother Panic, Turf) comes Exordium, a nine-chapter comic book series detailing the events of rookie pilot Addy Aker’s inaugural season in ExoGP – a racing league in the far-off world of Atmos.

Exordium delves into the world of ExoGP where skill, strategy, and sheer determination mean the difference between glory and death.

Competing in the galaxy’s most popular sport, rookie racer Addy Aker is pitted against the most tenacious and talented pilots in the galaxy.

Racing head-to-head on deadly tracks that defy imagination, she must survive brutal gladiatorial combat in the sky. As her past and future collide, will Addy find redemption as she forges a new future for herself and the entire planet?


  • Addy Aker

    Indoctrinated from birth by an off-world cult, Addy has escaped her blood soaked destiny and fled to Planet Atmos. Seeking to survive on this strange, new world, she has sold her deadly talents to the Talon Gar, Atmos’s preeminent criminal organization, and is about to embark on a planetside heist that will change her life forever

  • Oz Vulkansson

    The son of legendary Atmosian fabricator, Heff Vulkansson, Oz is preparing to make his long awaited debut on the ExoGP racing stage. Driven from the cradle into an Exo suit by the indomitable will of his perfectionist father, Oz’s innate talent and hunger for victory are such that on any other world he would reign as undisputed racing champion. But Atmos is not just any other world.

  • Rogg

    An unstoppable, once in a generation force on the racetrack, Rogg has been masterfully marketed as the new face of ExoGP in an attempt to distance the league from Atmos' legacy of unsanctioned, brutal racing. Over the past two years he has won back-to-back championships and is sure to take a third this season unless someone can rise to his level, or drag him down to theirs.

  • Pesh Chosen

    The Tremor from Treimoor, The Birdman of Bright Market, The Yellow Knight, The Golden Son. These are but a few of the many names earned by Pesh Chosen during his extensive racing career. A champion in his youth, now rapidly approaching middle age, this season may be Pesh’s last chance to reclaim his crown and seize ExoGP glory forever.

  • Captain Buel

    The Huskarl Lodge was founded as a noble peacekeeping body, entrusted with the protection of Emergent’s holdings. A hundred years on, Captain Buel still cleaves to that legacy, at least on paper. Corrupt, power-hungry, paranoid, and prejudiced, she gleefully oversees the continued rot of an already tainted institution.

  • Ta’Wali Dies Young

    Orphaned by a cave-in, maimed by an alien beast, abandoned to bleed out in the Bounty wastes, Ta’Wali survived. Thrown into mines at the age of thirteen, working sixteen hour days, beaten by Huskarls, Ta’Wali endured. Made lead pilot for the United Miners of Atmos, harried by her competitors, flying through lethal storms at breakneck speeds, Ta’Wali Dies Young continues to defy her name.

  • Del Carthago

    Growing up aboard ships of the Bucephalan Navy, Del gained the rank of Master Engineer before he and his crew were stranded by the scuttling of their Man’O’War. Left penniless on the streets of Atmos, Del’s engineering skills got the attention of Pesh Chosen, who brought him on as the Lead Engineer for Team Chosen.

  • Heff Vulkansson

    A lifetime spent in chop shop garages made Heff Vulkansson one of the most skilled Exo fabricators in history. Heff tends to treat people as if they were just as predictable as the machines he understands so well. Having developed his own line of Exos to rival Emergent’s MKIV, and the natural talents of his son, Oz, Heff plans to make Vulkansson the first family of the ExoGP.

  • Jin

    Addy’s cohort and fellow survivor of Reda, Jin is a devoted follower of the little known Aritauni religion. Jin views their arrival on Atmos as preordained and is committed to doing what he must to satisfy the fates. For now, this means bartering their martial talents for idents and smuggling services from the Atmosi criminal underworld.

  • Oda

    The lead scientist in charge of Jotun Pharmaceutical’s racing program, Oda built the most dominant team in ExoGP. Using the races as a testbed for bio-engineering research, Oda is driven less by material success in the races and more by what racing technologies can be converted into instruments that further Jotun’s influence on the galaxy. As his greed continues to grow, Oda’s ambitions take an even darker turn that jeopardizes the lives of the citizens on Atmos.

  • Nik Erikkson

    Chairman of Emergent, Nik is the heir to a planetary empire. Intent on dragging the deeply conservative hierarchy of Emergent away from their strip mining roots, Nik plans to transform Atmos into a player on the galactic stage through the use of Exo technology.

  • Jeriko

    A former member of the Atmos militia, Jeriko was cut from the ranks of the Huskarls due to his psychological instability. Now, the leader of the Talon Gar, Jeriko’s penchant for brutality are put to use furthering the reach of a growing criminal empire.